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10 Best Photochromic Glasses Brands This Year

Best Photochromic Glasses 1

Does your job require you to move from outdoor to indoor or vice versa? Maybe it's time you consider using photochromic glasses. Glasses that are more familiarly called transition glasses can ward off the glare of UV rays. So, you don't have to bother changing from reading glasses to sunglasses.

There are many models and functions of photochromic glasses that you need to know before deciding to buy them. For that, we have prepared tips for choosing the right photochromic glasses for you. Branded transition glasses, such as Oakley, Ray-Ban, and Shimano are also reviewed here. Check out the reviews, come on!

What are photochromic glasses?

Photochromic lenses are lenses that are sensitive and adaptive to changes in light. The color density of the lenses varies depending on the light conditions in the room. Glasses with photochromic lenses are very helpful for people who are active in their daily lives, both outdoors and indoors.

So you don't have to bother carrying reading glasses when you're indoors and sunglasses when you want to go outside. Enough with one photochromic glasses, you can stay comfortable when you are outdoors or indoors.

These transition glasses also help block out the sun's rays so they are safer for your eyes. Salesmen, sports teachers, athletes, or construction workers are suitable to use these glasses.

Transition lenses use a halide crystal material in them so that when there is sunlight, the color of the lens will change. 

The performance of a transition lens is greatly influenced by the amount of light it receives, the temperature of the lens, the type of light it receives, and the thickness of the lens. This type of glasses also has a stylish model that will make your appearance even cooler.

How to choose photochromic glasses?

If you are new or are looking for photochromic glasses for the first time, just follow some of our tips below. Consider the type of lens, frame, to light transmission capabilities, yes.

Choose eyeglass frames based on your face shape

Glasses of course affect the overall look of your face. Therefore, you should choose eyeglass frames that match your face shape.

Round face: Choose a square frame

A round face shape has less prominent cheekbones. In addition, it could also be the cheeks that tend to be more prominent.

If you are a person with a round face shape, use square or oversized glasses. Both will give the impression of a more elongated and proportional face. Full frame glasses are also suitable to provide a more assertive accent.

Square face: Choose oval or round frame

If you have a sharp jawline that makes your face look more square, avoid using glasses with square frames as well. 

We recommend that you use oval or round framed glasses. Oval or round frames make facial lines more subtle or give the effect of curves on the face.

Thin face: Use semi-rimless frames

A thin face is identical to the cheeks that protrude inward so that the bottom of the face is smaller than the top. This face shape is often referred to as a triangular shape. Those of you who have a thin face can use semi-rimless glasses. These glasses are firm at the top, but have no rim at the bottom of the lenses.

Oval face: More freedom to choose the type of frame

Oval face shape is often said to be suitable for wearing any type of glasses. Several models of eyeglass frames, such as square glasses, full frame, rimless, to artistic ones tend to be safe for you. 

For men, you can wear a more sporty eyewear design. Meanwhile, eye cat glasses can be an attractive and fashionable look for women.

Adjust the type of lens to the needs of your eyes

Maybe you are wondering, can transition glasses be used for people with minus, plus, and cylinder eyes? 

The answer is yes. It's just that, you have to consult with a doctor or optician to get the right glasses. So, these glasses aren't just for people with normal vision.

Consider your daily activities and activities to get transition glasses that suit your eye needs. Examples such as user requirements below:

For the elderly

The elderly generally have farsighted eye disorders. Choose transition glasses with added plus lenses. Transition glasses are also a must-have if the elderly are still actively driving. The glare of light or the beam of lights from other vehicles can be more disguised with these glasses.

For nearsighted patients

Nearsightedness is a condition when the eye is unable to see distant objects clearly. For these conditions, choose transition glasses with minus lenses.

For athletes

Photochromic goggles are a must-have for professional runners, cyclists, golfers or mountaineers. If your activities are at an altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level, these glasses must be worn, at least to block out the dazzling sunlight.

For people with cylindrical eyes

Use special transition glasses that have cylindrical eyepieces. You should first consult the optician and buy it directly there.

Know the variation in the color of the lens when exposed to light

Transition glasses take 30 seconds to 1 minute to darken when outdoors. Once indoors, the color will return to clear in 2 minutes to 5 minutes. The color change was not only from clear to black, you know. There are various color options that you can choose from.

For those of you who are functional, maybe glasses with black or gray transitions can be a safe choice. Meanwhile, there are also other color gradations, such as graphite green, blue, purple, to brick brown. You can adapt it to your own style, work needs, or fashion sense.

Consider the light transmittance ability

Transmission glasses are known to block some of the sun's rays so they are safer and can protect the eyes. However, how great is the ability of these glasses in carrying out these functions?

The answer is to look at the light transmittance number. Light transmittance is a number that indicates the amount of sunlight that is able to pass through the glasses. The higher the number, the lower its ability to ward off UV rays.

For example, your glasses have a transmission rate of 80%–100%, meaning that sunlight can enter smoothly through the lenses of the glasses. 

This number is usually the range of numbers on conventional glasses. Transitional or photochromic glasses usually have a light transmittance capability of 40%–60%. In essence, the smaller the number, the better its ability to ward off UV rays. 

Best Photochromic Glasses 2

Top 10 recommended photochromic glasses

Here are ten brands of photochromic glasses that we have selected for you. Hopefully from these ten products there are glasses that suit your tastes and needs.

1. Bitzen Photochromic Anti Radiation Glasses 2 in 1- BZ13

These glasses from Bitzen come with a thin metal frame and an oval lens shape. When worn, these glasses give a look like a Korean artist.

You can choose glasses with anti-radiation and photochromic lenses or anti-radiation only. The price is also very affordable for the size of the transition glasses. For those of you who like to look Korean style, this product can be an option.

  • Frame material: Metal
  • Frame type: Semi-rimless
  • Lens color: Black
  • Lens shape: Oval

2. Man in Steel: Stark Industries Glasses (Edith)

Want to have photochromic glasses for watching Spider-Man: Far From Home? No problem, you can get these glasses from Man in Steel at a fairly affordable price. Its full rim frame model makes you more authoritative like Tony Stark.

The frame is made of metal so it is quite strong and durable. With its edgy frame shape, you can use it for everyday activities.

  • Frame material: Metal
  • Frame type: Full rim
  • Lens color: Blue, black, transparent, gradient
  • Lens shape: Oval

3. Berry Barton Modern Round Sunglasses Anti Blueray Photocromic Minus Lens - G90-355

Are you looking for photochromatic glasses for work? Berry Barton type G90-355 can be an attractive alternative. The model of the glasses is round, rimless, and the frame is thin, making these glasses seem classy.

The color choices are also very attractive, there are gold, pink gold, and silver blue colors. If you have minus or cylinder eyes, you can add special lenses according to your eye condition.

  • Frame material: Metal
  • Frame type: Rimless
  • Lens color: Black
  • Lens shape: Round

4. Just Look Photochromic Rounded Frame Glasses - JL1610

These glasses are suitable for those of you who often meet clients indoors or outdoors. The full rim frame model with round lenses can make your facial lines look more friendly. Uniquely, these eyeglass frames are made of acetate material which is light in character, but durable.

There are two frame color options that you can choose from, namely shiny black and shiny dark brown. These glasses are standard for those of you who have normal vision. However, those of you who have minus or plus eyes can also use it as long as you consult with the seller first.

  • Frame material: Acetate
  • Frame type: Full rim
  • Lens color: Black
  • Lens shape: Round

5. Gray Jack Blueray Antiradiation Photochromic Glasses 2 in 1 - 16034

For those of you who often do outdoor activities and actively use gadgets, arm yourself with these glasses. In addition to counteracting UV rays, this lens can also ward off blue light from gadgets so that eye health is better maintained.

The round shape of the lenses makes these glasses suitable for those of you who have an oval or square face. There are two color choices for the frame, namely full black or a combination of black and gray.

  • Frame material: Metal
  • Frame type: Semi-rimless
  • Lens color: Black
  • Lens shape: Round

6. Lacoste Photochromic Glasses

Lacoste is a well-known brand from France that has been in the fashion world since 1993. These photochromic glasses from Lacoste have a sleek, simple, and comfortable design.

The part of the frame that is in contact with the ear is equipped with soft rubber. The color of the lens is gray when exposed to sunlight. You can use these glasses for college or to the office.

  • Frame material: TR90, rubber
  • Frame type: Full rim
  • Lens color: Gray
  • Lens shape: Square

7. Ray Ban Round Evolve RB 3447 9064V8

The impression created when wearing Ray-Ban glasses is elegant, expensive, but also friendly. Gold colored frames really highlight the elegant and expensive impression of these glasses.

Meanwhile, the frame is round with a thin full rim model. The famous round frame gives a friendly impression. Therefore, you must use these glasses when meeting or meeting with your business partners.

  • Frame material: No description
  • Frame type: Full rim
  • Lens color: Gray
  • Lens shape: Round

8. Adidas Men's Glasses

These glasses from adidas come with a complete design. The design is sporty as well as casual for your daily activities. In fact, you can also wear it as a complement to your OOTD fashion.

Because the frames are made of high quality plastic, these glasses are very light and comfortable to wear. For those of you who like running, tennis, golf, or cycling, these glasses can make you look cooler in action!

  • Frame material: Thermoplastic
  • Frame type: Full rim
  • Lens color: Gray
  • Lens shape: Square

9. Shimano S-Phyre X - CE-SPHX1

For those of you who like bicycle racing, both off-road and on-road types, consider investing in these Shimano glasses. In addition to the unique frame model, the bottom can also be removed as needed. So, you can use it in two styles, full rim and semi-rimless!

The TR90 frame is claimed to be very durable, lightweight, and has high durability. In addition to being waterproof, the lenses are also equipped with UV 400 protection and light transmittance is around 13%–62%. These glasses are a must-have for the adrenaline junkie of the cycling world!

  • Frame material: TR90
  • Frame type: Semi-rimless
  • Lens color: Red
  • Lens shape: No description

10. Oakley Flight Jacket Steel - OO9401-0737

Oakley Flight Jacket Steel is best suited for athletes or cyclists who want maximum performance. In terms of design, this product is unique because it carries a browless design theme. The frame only supports the bottom of the lens. This turned out to make the view of the cyclist so much wider.

The features are also very complete so it is comfortable to use for a long time. The frame is durable, sturdy, and very light. The design of these glasses also does not make the ears and nose sore or chafed. The lenses have the ability to block 400 nm UVA and UVB rays up to 100%.

  • Frame material: O Matter frame material
  • Frame type: Semi-rimless
  • Lens color: Gray
  • Lens shape: No description


Have you got your dream type of transition glasses from this article? Choose the one that suits your eye needs while still considering the compatibility of the design.

Photochromic glasses or transition glasses are very useful for those of you who are actively moving indoors and outdoors. Besides being effective because you don't need to change glasses, you are also more protected from the negative effects of UV rays. These glasses are one investment you won't regret!

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