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The 10 Best Adidas Sneakers Recommendations for Men This Year

Best Adidas Sneakers Recommendations 1

As one of the best-selling shoe brands, adidas has a variety of great sneaker recommendations. There are casual-style sneakers to hang out, such as the Stan Smith Vulc and Bravada. Not only that, there are also Ultraboost 21 and Supernova, sporty sneakers designed by adidas for sports activities.

So as not to confuse you, this time we will introduce the points that need to be understood before choosing adidas sneakers. We'll also include ten adidas sneaker recommendations for you to consider. Read carefully and find your favorite adidas sneakers in this article. Happy reading!

How to choose Adidas sneakers?

There are many different types of adidas sneakers on the market that might confuse you. We'll introduce you to the things you need to pay attention to in order to find the right sneakers.

Choose a sneaker model based on your activity

If you look at the type, at least adidas sneakers are divided into two categories, namely Originals and Performance types. Each type of shoe has its own differences and characteristics. Come on! We find out more.

Original, designed for fashion and lifestyle lovers

Adidas Originals was created to blur the line between sports shoes and lifestyle shoes. These Originals shoes are designed to be used for hanging out as well as for exercising. The type of sport is also quite common because these shoes are not designed for a specific type of sport.

Adidas Originals shoes combine authentic, classic and innovative design. No wonder these shoes are suitable for all ages for their casual style. There are several popular adidas Originals series, such as Stan Smith and Nizza Trefoil. Both types of Originals shoes have timeless designs.

In addition, adidas Originals also collaborates with various parties to produce unique sneakers. Some of them like Star Wars, Disney, LEGO, and others. These collaboration products look luxurious, elegant, and classy. For the price itself, this adidas Originals collaboration shoe is indeed more expensive.

Performance, look sporty for those of you who like to exercise

As the name implies, adidas Performance is made for sports lovers who want to improve their performance. Because of this, Performance series shoes are equipped with various technologies, one of which is Boost cushioning. This feature keeps the feet comfortable while exercising.

The adidas Performance series products are designed specifically for specific sporting needs. You can also choose sneakers according to the sports activities you want to do. There are running series that favor speed, basketball for strong grip, and more. Sports performance can also be increased thanks to these shoes.

Adjust the type of shoe cut to your style

Judging from the shape, there are three types of sneakers, namely low-cut, mid-cut, and high-cut. Low-cut sneakers are shoes with a low neck so that the ankle area is visible. Low-cut sneakers have a design that seems more relaxed. You can use this type of sneakers when doing daily activities.

Due to its slim design, low-cut sneakers can be matched with various types of clothing styles. Low-cut sneakers also look more sporty and can be used for various sports activities. For adidas shoes themselves, low-cut sneakers are the most popular type in Indonesia.

Adidas also produces mid-cut and high-cut shoes with a higher neck. These types of sneakers make you look more macho. These mid-cut and high-cut shoes are suitable for certain events. Unfortunately, because they have a longer neck, mid-cut and high-cut sneakers are less flexible. Therefore, these shoes are not very comfortable when used for sports.

Check out the materials used to make sneakers

The material used to make sneakers will affect the strength and comfort of the shoes. The type of material the sneakers are made of also affects the appearance of the shoes. Therefore, let's examine the type of material used in the upper and sole of adidas sneakers.

Upper material, affects the look and strength of the shoe

There are at least three types of upper materials used by adidas, namely canvas, mesh, and leather. Of course, each of these materials has its own advantages. Let's discuss!


Canvas is a textile material made of cotton. Currently, canvas is the most popular sneaker material. Canvas shoes have several advantages, such as being strong, flexible and durable, and breathable.

This type of shoe can also be used for casual, semi-formal, and even formal events. However, you also need to match it with the right outfit, yes. Canvas shoes are easy to match with many fashion items such as chinos, jeans, and others.


Mesh is a material made of cotton or synthetic fibers. The texture of the mesh material is also unique, which is like a net, making it more breathable. 

Mesh has the characteristics of being strong, durable, long lasting, and not easy to cause odors. Therefore, mesh material is widely used for sports shoes. In terms of appearance itself, the mesh looks more sporty and modern.


There are also adidas sneakers which are made of leather so they can be combined with a business casual or formal suit. Leather is a strong material. 

You can also wear sneakers made of leather for the long term. These types of sneakers are known to be soft and feel fit on the feet. In addition, you can also use leather sneakers for exercise.

The sole material determines the comfort of the feet when using shoes

The type of sole used affects the comfort of the footrest when wearing sneakers. There are three types of sneaker soles, namely the insole, midsole, and outsole. The insole (sockliner) is inside the shoe, the midsole is in the middle, and the outsole is outside. At least, adidas uses two types of sole material on their sneakers, namely rubber and EVA. Here's the full explanation.


Rubber is the most common material used to make outsole. Rubber sole has several advantages, such as elastic, waterproof, and durable. Even so, actually rubber soles are not good for sports shoes because they are slippery.

However, you don't need to worry because adidas sneakers have special technologies such as Primeknit+ that can support sports activities. When buying sneakers, pay attention to the tread pattern on the outsole, yes. Choose sneakers with a tread pattern that can grip the ground firmly.

EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate)

Many sneakers use EVA for the insole or midsole. EVA is derived from PU (polyurethane) which is compacted into a soft foam and then molded. Thanks to its soft and flexible characteristics, EVA is also claimed to be the best sole material in the world that is able to withstand shocks. Sneakers that use EVA are usually the type of sneakers for sports needs such as running and basketball.

Match the color and model of the shoe to your outfit

The next important thing is color selection. For the same model, adidas sneakers have a variety of color variants so you can't ignore the choice. For example, when choosing black, the available options are plain black and black which looks more chic. Therefore, choose a color that suits your taste, style, and outfit.

You also need to check the model of the shoe. The most popular and most sold type in Indonesia are sneakers with laces that make the shoes lock tightly. This type is suitable for those of you who use sneakers for exercise or who often pace back and forth.

Velcro shoes also attract attention because they have a strong style impression. For those of you who have problems putting on and removing lace shoes, choose this type of senakers. Meanwhile, for those of you who want a fresher look, the simple slip-on type is suitable for you. This model is also attractive because it is practical and easy to install.

Best Adidas Sneakers Recommendations 2

Top 10 recommended Adidas sneakers

Below, we'll recommend ten of the best adidas sneakers. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. Our products are sorted by popularity in various marketplaces.

1. Adidas Samba OG Shoes

The Samba OG Black is an adidas sneaker that carries a retro style. No wonder, because this series was first produced in 1950. The appearance of these shoes is glossy enough to make it eye-catching and stand out.

In addition, the construction of the shoe is made light so that it is comfortable to use for a long time. We recommend these sneakers if you like walking down urban streets with a classic retro style.

  • Model: Originals
  • Piece: Low cut
  • Upper material: Synthetic leather
  • Sole material: Gum rubber (midsole)

2. Adidas Stan Smith Vulc Shoes

Stan Smith Vulc shoes are here to complement your smart casual style. These shoes have a classic design with a clean white impression. 

On the back there is a green pattern that gives a sporty impression typical of an active man. You can combine these shoes with long chinnos, tops and then covered with flannel shirts or blazers.

  • Model: Originals
  • Piece: Low cut
  • Upper material: Synthetic leather
  • Sole material: Vulcanised rubber (outsole)

3. Adidas Ultraboost 21 Primeblue Shoes

True to its name, the Ultraboost 21 Primeblue Shoes were designed by adidas to enhance your running performance. This is evidenced by the adidas technology installed in these shoes. Call it the adidas LEP (Linear Energy Push) system, Primeknit+, and Ultraboost.

The Adidas LEP system integrates the outsole for increased forefoot and midfoot stability. That way, the shoe provides a better response to the foot. Primknit+ allows the shoe to fully grip the foot. Meanwhile, Ultraboost makes your feet more responsive when running.

  • Model: Running
  • Piece: Mid-cut
  • Upper material: Primeknit textile
  • Sole material: Boost (midsole), Continental™ rubber (outsole)

4. Adidas Supernova Shoes

Are you looking for eco-friendly running shoes? If so, we recommend this product. Supernova shoes are made using environmentally friendly recycled materials. However, the material used really pays attention to the comfort of the feet when running.

The upper of the shoe is made of mesh which is able to increase air circulation in the areas that have the most potential to become humid. 

Meanwhile, there is a combination of flexible cushioning in the forefoot with responsive cushioning in the heel. The combination of the two will make you feel comfortable while running.

  • Model: Running
  • Piece: Mid-cut
  • Upper material: Mesh
  • Sole material: Rubber (outsole), hybrid Bounce and Boost (midsole)

5. Adidas Breaknet Shoes

Breaknet Shoes from adidas are classic 3-Stripes shoes with a sporty construction. These shoes are comfortable to wear all day long from morning to night. 

The sockliner part of this shoe is claimed to be soft so that it makes your feet not tired even if you do long activities. These shoes are suitable for those of you who work in a semi-normal style and have high mobility.

  • Model: Tennis
  • Piece: Low cut
  • Upper material: Synthetic leather
  • Sole material: EVA (insole), rubber (outsole)

6. Adidas Nizza Trefoil Shoes

If you want minimalist style shoes, we recommend this product. The Nizza Trefoil Shoes come with a plain, unobtrusive design and a small adidas logo. 

Therefore, these shoes will be suitable to be combined with various outfits, even with flashy socks. You can create a wide range of looks, from classy to edgy, with more confidence.

  • Model: Originals
  • Piece: Low cut
  • Upper material: Canvas
  • Sole material: Rubber (outsole)

7. Adidas Run Falcon 2.0 Shoes

Are you the type of person who is simple so you don't want to bother choosing shoes for activities? If so, we recommend the adidas Run Falcon 2.0 Shoes. This shoe has a casual athletic model so you can use it both when jogging and when meeting up with friends.

The upper of the shoe is made of breathable mesh so that it can provide comfort all day long. Meanwhile, the outsole is made of strong and durable rubber material. Then, the rubber outsole is designed to grip the ground well so that your footing is stable.

  • Model: Running
  • Piece: Low cut
  • Upper material: Mesh sandwiches
  • Sole material: Rubber (outsole), EVA (midsole)

8. Adidas Grand Court SE Shoes

For those of you who dare to appear non-mainstream in your circle of friends, consider the Grand Court SE sneakers. 

These shoes have an old school touch with a classic style like 70s tennis shoes. However, the retro style actually makes you look more attractive. In this version, the shoes have a soft suede upper layer so your feet feel pampered.

  • Model: Tennis
  • Piece: Low cut
  • Upper material: Leather, suede
  • Sole material: Cloudfoam Comfort (insole), rubber (outsole)

9. Adidas Bravada Shoes

Nowadays, skateboarding shoes are not only used by skaters but also loved by young people. Adidas also released skateboarding shoes, namely the Bravada Shoes series.

The shockliner of this shoe is so soft that it feels comfortable on your feet. The canvas material used is also durable. Not only used for skateboarding, these shoes are suitable for hanging out with friends.

  • Model: Skateboarding
  • Piece: Low cut
  • Upper material: Canvas
  • Sole material: Cloudfoam Comfort (insole), rubber (outsole)

10. Adidas Galaxy 5 Shoes

If you need a running shoe that's comfortable to wear for a long time, we recommend the Galaxy 5 Shoes. This is a type of running shoe with breathable material issued by adidas.

Thanks to its breathable feature, your feet don't feel stuffy and hot while running long distances. Combined with a light sensation on the feet, you can comfortably run long distances using these shoes. Running from one round to the next does not feel tired quickly.

  • Model: Running
  • Piece: Low cut
  • Upper material: Mesh
  • Sole material: OrthoLite (insole), Cushioned Cloudfoam (midsole) , rubber (outsole)

How to recognize original adidas sneakers?

When looking for adidas shoes, be careful not to buy fake shoes. This is because there are many imitation shoes in the name of adidas, but the quality is far below the original. 

So, so as not to be fooled and buy fake shoes, here's how to identify the authenticity of adidas shoes.

Check the shoe serial umber and international code

Genuine adidas shoes have the serial number printed on the bottom of the tag (tongue). The last three digits of the original adidas shoe series differ on the left and right shoes. If the serial numbers of the left and right shoes are the same, it is likely a fake.

You can also check the 6 digit international shoe code which consists of 1 letter and 5 numbers. Genuine shoes have international codes in three places, namely the shoe tag, price tag, and box. On the shoe box there is also a barcode that you can scan to check the authenticity of the data.

Soft material with neat stitching

If possible, check the physical condition of the adidas sneakers. Genuine shoes usually have a soft material, not stiff, and not hard. This is for foot comfort when using shoes. In addition, also check the seams on the shoes because the original shoes have neat and precise stitches.

Pay attention to the price and the seller's shop

Because it has become a leading brand in the world, the price of these adidas shoes is quite high. This is because the quality and comfort of the shoes offered by adidas are not kidding. Don't be tempted by shoes that look like adidas, but are cheap. It could be counterfeit.

Instead, buy shoes at an official or trusted store. Both offline and online, there are many shoe shops selling genuine adidas sneakers. Check carefully both in terms of price, quality, and the seller's shop. This is so you don't regret it later.


Have you made your choice for your adidas sneakers? There are many types of adidas sneakers available in the market. Choose the type of sneakers according to the activity you do. Your feet will be more comfortable while on the move.

Don't forget to match the model and color of the sneakers with your style and outfit. Not only gives comfort to your feet when you walk, adidas sneakers also make you look more fashionable. Congratulations on choosing your favorite Adidas sneakers!

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