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10 Best Calculator Recommendations for Bookkeeping and Accounting

Best Calculator Recommendations 1

Activities such as bookkeeping and accounting cannot be separated from the use of calculators. Even though mobile phones and computers are equipped with counter features, conventional calculators are still needed. Big brands, such as Casio, Canon, and Citizen, are also competing to release good calculators with various variations. So, which product is right for you?

On this occasion, we will provide some calculator recommendations that you can easily get online. We will also explain the points that need to be considered so that you don't make the wrong choice. Read the following article to the end.

How to choose a calculator for accounting and bookkeeping purposes?

In bookkeeping and accounting, a calculator that emphasizes speed and accuracy is very important. However, apart from that, you should also pay attention to the following points before buying.

Know the types of calculators based on their intended use

There are different types of calculators. However, first choose a calculator that suits your purpose of using it, either for bookkeeping or for accounting.

  • Standard type: This type is often used for household purposes and has no special function. In terms of bookkeeping, this calculator will still work well. However, it's a good idea to check the number of digits, sizes, and so on before buying. We will explain it in the following description.
  • Business or finance calculator: This type of calculator is recommended for accounting purposes. This calculator supports large transaction calculations with the 00 and 000 buttons. Some business calculators even have a tax button to make tax calculations easier.

Prioritize calculators that are almost the same size as the palm of your hand

Calculators come in many sizes, from small to large. For the sake of convenience, you should pay attention to the size of the calculator you are after. 

A size that is too large will hinder you when you want to turn the pages of financial statements or when filling out slips. Conversely, a size that is too small will make it difficult for you to enter numbers because the keys are small and spaced too close together.

A large calculator is recommended if you want to use it for bookkeeping and accounting purposes. A calculator like this will certainly make it easier for you to input the numbers you need. 

Use your palm size as a reference to make it easier for you when choosing. The size of the calculator is called ideal when it is about the same size as the palm of your hand.

Check button size and distance between buttons

If the button size is too small or the distance between the buttons is too narrow, adjacent buttons can be pressed together. As a result, the risk of miscalculation will be even greater.

To avoid this, choose a calculator with larger buttons and wider spacing. Buttons that are larger than your finger will make their position easier to see. Thus, the possibility of errors can be reduced.

Choose a calculator with a 12 digit display or at least 10 digits

The number of digits displayed on the calculator may vary depending on the type of calculator used. However, a calculator with a 12-digit display will make it easier for you to do bookkeeping and accounting.

If only a few digits are displayed, the time required to complete the calculation will be longer. That's why we recommend a calculator that displays at least 10 digits to make your work more efficient.

Consider a calculator that is not too light and has a non-slip back

The use of calculators for bookkeeping and accounting purposes is closely related to the speed of calculation. However, the hard, hard-to-press keypad will certainly make it difficult when you want to complete calculations quickly.

To overcome this, we recommend a calculator whose keypad is soft and not too light. In addition, you should consider a calculator with a non-slip coating on the back for convenience when calculating.

Prioritize a calculator with the functions you need

The level of work will affect the use of calculators in each person. For that, choose a calculator with the functions you need and easy to use, such as some of the functions below.

Rollover function for minimalize typos

In some cases, such as in a bookkeeping exam, you may need to calculate quickly. In this case, a calculator with a rollover function will help you find typos.

This kind of function is recommended for those of you who tend to press the calculator button quickly. If another key is pressed before the finger leaves the keypad, the rollover function will recognize the first key you pressed. So, check the existence of this function before buying a calculator.

GT function to add up multiple calculation results

The GT (grand total) function is a function to remember and add up some calculation results. This method is much faster than calculating one by one and adding all the results at the end. GT can be said to be an important function because this kind of calculation is often used in accounting.

Memory function to temporarily store calculation results

Just like the GT function, the M (memory) function is also an important function for a calculator. The M function acts as a storage space for certain numbers or calculation results. This memory function which includes the M- and M+ keys is often used to calculate bookkeeping and accounting. So make sure you have this function, ok?

Adjustable tilt display function for easy viewing of the screen display

Reflection of light from the sun or lamps often makes the display of numbers on the calculator screen a bit difficult to see. A calculator with an adjustable tilt display function is the solution to this problem.

With the tilt-adjustable display function, the tilt of the screen display can be adjusted to a comfortable position according to your vision. Even if you are not familiar with it, we recommend that you choose a calculator that has this function to make it easier for you later.

Define the calculator based on your desired button layout

At least, there are three major manufacturers that produce calculators on the market, namely Casio, Citizen, and Canon.

These three manufacturers designed different button settings on the calculator products they released. However, sometimes the placement of the function keys on calculator products that are still in the same brand is made different.

Keys for memory functions on Casio-branded calculators, for example. There are arranged vertically on the top side. There are also those arranged horizontally on the right side. choose a calculator with a button layout that is easiest for you to use.

We recommend that you purchase a calculator from a major manufacturer such as the one above. That way, it will be easier for you to find the same product if your calculator breaks down. 

However, that doesn't mean counting from other brands isn't worth owning, right? As long as the quality, originality, and brand are trusted, it never hurts to try.

Best Calculator Recommendations 2

Top 10 Recommended calculators for bookkeeping and accounting

Next, we will recommend the ten best calculator products for bookkeeping and accounting which we determine based on how to choose above. 

These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. Our products are sorted by popularity in various marketplaces

1. Canon Calculator - US-2200

Save power and have an ergonomic design

For those of you who need an economic calculator or a twelve-digit accounting calculator, this product is worth considering. 

The product from one of the best calculator brands has an ergonomic design. Some of the parts are made from recycled materials from other Canon products.

In addition, this calculator will turn off automatically after seven minutes of not being used so that it is certainly more power efficient. This product is perfect if you are an environmentalist and a proponent of using recycled materials.

  • Type: Business
  • Dimension: 19.8 cm × 14 cm × 3.4 cm
  • Number of digits: 12
  • Weight: 212 g
  • Anti-slip: Not mentioned
  • Other functions: GT, memory, rollover
  • Adjustable tilt display: Yes

2. Casio Practical Calculator - SX-220

This product is recommended if you are looking for a calculator that is compact in size. You can put this calculator in your pocket because of its small size.

In addition, this good calculator also has several functions, such as memory for storing numbers, rollover, and correction buttons. The buttons on this calculator are also made of wide rubber, you know!

  • Type: Standard
  • Dimension: 14.1 cm × 12 cm × 0.65 cm
  • Number of digits: 12
  • Weight: 80 g
  • Anti-slip: Not mentioned
  • Other functions: GT, memory, rollover
  • Adjustable tilt display: Yes

3. Citizen Calculator - SDC-810NR

Citizen SDC-810NR can be used to calculate your cash income and expenses with a total nominal value of under ten billion rupiah. Coupled with the size of the button which is quite large, this product feels comfortable when used to calculate household books.

This ten-digit calculator can also be used as a calculating tool for the treasurer's bookkeeping and social gathering in your community. Its medium size and tilted screen will add to your comfort in using it.

  • Type: Standard
  • Dimension: 13cm×11cm×2.5cm
  • Number of digits: 10
  • Weight: 94 g
  • Anti-slip: Not mentioned
  • Other functions: memory
  • Adjustable tilt display: No

4. Joyko Calculator - CC-50

Need a good calculator for your start-up bookkeeping? With up to 16 digits, this Joyko calculator is perfect for adding to your shopping cart.

In addition to the screen angle can be adjusted according to the level of comfortable viewing, this product is also equipped with an anti-slip coating on the back. So, you don't have to worry about the calculator shifting when you operate it.

  • Type: Standard
  • Dimension: 19.9 cm × 14.8 cm × 2.5 cm
  • Number of digits: 16
  • Weight: 264 g
  • Anti-slip: Yes
  • Other functions: Memory, correct & check, calculation mark up
  • Adjustable tilt display: Yes

5. Alfalink Calculator - CD-14

This calculator for accounting is great for those of you who need a tax calculation function. For example, you can use this calculator to calculate VAT for the products you sell and buy.

The GT function also makes it easier for you to calculate the total sales and purchases of goods before being taxed. 

The screen can also accommodate numbers up to fourteen digits, perfect for those of you who need calculations up to trillions.

  • Type: Business
  • Dimension: 14cm×10cm×2cm
  • Number of digits: 14
  • Weight: 340 g
  • Anti-slip: Not mentioned
  • Other functions: GT, memory, correct & recheck
  • Adjustable tilt display: No

6. Casio Calculator - DJ-240D Plus

This product is suitable for those of you who are looking for a good calculator for children. In addition to the GT and tax functions, this business calculator is also equipped with correct and recheck function keys. 

With the correct function, you only need to change certain inputs that are wrong so you don't have to recompute from scratch.

You just use the recheck function when you want to recheck all the numbers you have entered. This Children's Calculator of Accounting can even be used to double-check the three hundred calculation steps that you have done. The durable buttons also make this product one of the durable calculators.

  • Type: Business
  • Dimension: 21.9 cm × 14.6 cm × 3.8 cm
  • Number of digits: 14
  • Weight: 260 g
  • Anti-slip: Not mentioned
  • Other functions: GT, memory, rollover, correct & recheck, tax, mark up calculation
  • Adjustable tilt display: No

7. Deli Calculator with Voice - EM00550

The advantage of this calculator compared to most other calculators is that it has a voice function. For those of you who are sometimes less careful when entering numbers because of blurred vision or other factors, this product can be a solution.

This Deli calculator will sound according to the key you press thereby minimizing number input errors and calculation operations. You can also adjust the volume and choose to mute it.

  • Type: Standard
  • Dimension: 17.25 cm × 13.45 cm × 4.9 cm
  • Number of digits: 12
  • Weight: 100 g
  • Anti-slip: Not mentioned
  • Other functions: Memory, correct & recheck, time & date, sound
  • Adjustable tilt display: No

8. Citizen Calculator - SDC-868 L

You want a Citizen calculator that is popular and already used by many people? This product is the answer! 

The size is not too small and not too big, the buttons are smooth and soft. In addition, there is a mark up function that helps you determine the selling price of your merchandise easily.

However, because there is no GT function, this product is not suitable for complex transaction bookkeeping purposes.

The price of this calculator is in the range of $10. If you find it for under a $10, you need to confirm its originality first.

  • Type: Standard
  • Dimension: 15.35 cm × 15.2 cm × 2.85 cm
  • Number of digits: 12
  • Weight: 172 g
  • Anti-slip: Not mentioned
  • Other functions: Memory, calculation mark up
  • Adjustable tilt display: No

9. Canon Calculator - AS-120V

If you want to replace your old calculator with a fresh one, you can try this product. The bright color will make you enthusiastic in doing your daily bookkeeping.

This Canon brand calculator is also designed with a unique arc-shaped design and an impressive tilting LCD display. In addition to household bookkeeping, this cheap and good calculator is also suitable for you to make a shop calculator.

  • Type: Standard
  • Dimension: 14.5 cm × 10 cm × 3.35 cm
  • Number of digits: 12
  • Weight: 108 g
  • Anti-slip: Not mentioned
  • Other functions: GT, memory, rollover, calculation mark up
  • Adjustable tilt display: No

10. Casio Calculator - DH-16

If you need an accounting calculator with a fairly complete calculation function, this product is worth choosing. 

Not only does it have a large number of digits, this calculator is equipped with various functions that will make your work easier. Starting from rollover, GT, memory, to calculating mark ups, it's all there.

The size of this Casio calculator is also large, with a length and width of about 15 cm. Perfect for your best trading calculator! 

As the output of one of the good and durable calculator brands, the quality of the product is worth the cost you pay.

  • Type: Business
  • Dimension: 15.9 cm × 15.1 cm × 2.85 cm
  • Number of digits: 16
  • Weight: 180 g
  • Anti-slip: Not mentioned
  • Other functions: GT, memory, rollover, calculation mark up
  • Adjustable tilt display: No


These are tips for choosing and recommending calculators for bookkeeping and accounting that we have compiled for you. What do you think? Calculators can be regarded as a practical and functional calculating tool.

With the right calculator, the time to complete the work will certainly be faster. Please use the points in this article as a guide so you don't choose the wrong calculator, OK? Thank you for listening to the end. See you in another article!

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