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10 Best Sticker Cutting Machine Recommendations (Latest in 2022)

Best Sticker Cutting Machine Recommendations 1

Nowadays the need for sticker cutting machines is increasing for the business of screen printing clothes, printing product logos, and so on. Not only for business, now many are also looking for sticker cutting machines for hobbies. For example, make stickers for cars, motorcycles, or laptops.

Therefore, this time we will review how to choose the best sticker cutting machine. We will also recommend sticker cutting machine products from various brands, such as Jinka, Rhinotec, and GRAPHTEC. Sticker cutting machine that is cheap, auto contour feature, even suitable for printing A4 stickers you will find.

What is a sticker cutting machine?

Cutting stickers are stickers created using machine devices connected to a computer as a design medium. Well, a special machine equipped with a knife to cut the cutting sticker is called a sticker cutting machine.

The patterns that can be created by this machine vary according to the design included in the software. Sticker cutting machine has many other designations, such as vinyl cutter, cutting plotter, sticker cutting tool, and others.

How to choose a sticker cutting machine?

Before buying a sticker cutting machine, you need to know the specifications in advance. What are some things to pay attention to? Check out our discussion below. 

Check the types of materials that can be cut

The cutting machine you choose should be able to cut a variety of sticker materials. There are many commonly used sticker materials, such as polyflex, scotchlite, vinyl, oracal, glitter, carbon, and so on.

Different materials, different thickness, texture, and characteristics of stickers. Therefore, checking the type of material that your target sticker cutting machine can cut is the right step.

Check the cutting speed

Maybe you want to buy a sticker cutting machine to do business. If so, choose a machine that is able to keep up with the production speed you need. The goal is that the work can be completed faster, precisely, and efficiently. 

Even so, it does not mean that you are obliged to choose a product with the highest possible cutting speed. 

You need to adjust the speed to the size and design of the sticker. The machine whose cutting speed is about 20 mm / second is ideally used to cut stickers that have many curves, such as the logo of a football club. 

In addition, small stickers that are about 10 cm x 10 in size can also be cut accurately using this type of machine.

There are also products with speeds reaching 700 mm / second. Such a machine is the best choice for cutting jumbo stickers, for example those whose size reaches 70 cm x 50 cm. 

Stickers in the form of rectangles, triangles, or other simple shapes can also be quickly cut by this type of machine.

Know the cutting force

The larger the cutting force of the sticker cutting machine, the greater the power. This makes the process of cutting thick materials easier. Sticker cutting tools mostly have a cutting force of 350 grams to 700 grams. However, usually the standard pressure contained in the sticker cutting machine is 500 grams. 

Do not be surprised if you find a product whose cutting force is expressed with gram-force (gf). Gram and gf are both units to indicate the strength of pressure. The number comparison between the two is 1:1. That is, cutting force of 500 grams when converted to gf will change to 500 gf.

Choose based on repeatability

Many use sticker cutting machines to print hundreds, even thousands of stickers, right? When printing stickers in large quantities, the cutting knife on the machine will continue to move. The possibility of sticker pieces that are somewhat missed due to static friction, backlash, or temperature changes can occur. 

Well, repeatability states the accuracy of the sticker cutting machine when cutting stickers repeatedly. You can choose a product with a repeatability of about 0.1 mm if you want a machine with high accuracy. 

If there is a missed cut, the difference is only 0.1 mm so it will not be too obvious on the sticker that has been printed.

Know compatible software

The number of compatible software will be more value in cutting machines. You will be freer to design and print stickers according to the software you like the most. ARTCUT, Flexi Sign, and CorelDraw are examples of software that are compatible with various sticker cutting machines.

Get to know the features offered

There are machines equipped with auto contour cut and print and cut features. Which feature works best for you?

Auto contour cut, automatically crop the pattern that has been printed

Many sticker cutting machines have a manual contour cut system. The system makes you need to manually point the machine to each registration mark on the sticker that has been printed. 

This is usually done with the help of a computer keyboard. After the machine knows the location and order of registration marks, then the sticker cutting machine does contour cut.

Take it easy, currently there is a machine with automatic contour cut feature. This feature makes the machine able to find registration marks on stickers without the need for manually pointing. After each registration mark is known with certainty, the sticker cutting machine will immediately do a contour cut. More practical!

Print and cut, can directly print and cut stickers 

Sticker cutting machines with print and cut features are increasingly popular these days. This feature allows you to instantly print while cutting stickers on the same machine. You also don't need to bother moving stickers from the printing machine to cutting, anyway!

Check the size of the area that can be cut

You also check how big the area that the sticker cutting machine can cut. Media size does indicate the maximum size of sticker material that you can insert into the machine. However, to determine how large the area that can be cut you should pay attention to the cutting size on the target machine.

For business use, choose a sticker cutting machine whose cutting size is at least A3 (29.7 cm x 42 cm). That way, you can cut a lot of stickers in the shortest possible time. Even so, this product has a relatively large size so the price is quite high.

It could be that you need a sticker cutting machine for hobbies or small production. If so, a sticker cutting machine with a cutting size equivalent to A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm) is appropriately owned. The product dimensions of this model are usually small enough so that it is easy to move as needed. 

Best Sticker Cutting Machine Recommendations 2

10 Best sticker cutting machine recommendations

Now you already know how to choose a good sticker cutting machine, right? Next, we will provide recommendations for the best sticker cutting machine.

1. Redsail Sticker Cutting Machine RS720C

Redsail's sticker cutting machine is user friendly. This is because this machine uses several design programs that are commonly used by many people. In addition, this machine can be used to cut stencils, magnetic decorations, even stickers for glass.

Capable of cutting 62 cm of material, this machine is capable enough to print sticker designs of A3 size and above. If you want to start a business in the field of sticker cutting, this product is the right choice. 

  • Compatible media: Vinyl, film, flock, flex, vinyl decal, and so on
  • Cutting force: 10-500 grams
  • Repeatability: 0.01 mm
  • Compatible software: ARTCUT, WinPCSIGN, Flexi Sign, and etc
  • Maximum media size・Cutting size: 72 cm・62 cm
  • Cutting speed: 600 mm/s
  • There is an auto contour cut: Not mentioned

2. USAMS Mobile Screen Protector Cutting Machine Us-Zb107

Nowadays gadget accessories are increasingly in demand, especially screen guards. By buying this machine, you can print scratch-resistant mobile phones, smart watches, camera covers, and others. 

How to use it is easy. All you have to do is download the app on your phone and choose the design you want to print. Having a size of 50 cm x 20 cm x 17 cm, this machine is also easy to carry or move. For those of you who want to try the screen guard business, there is nothing wrong with buying this machine. 

Compatible media: Phone front/back film, watches screen film, earbuds protective cover film, camera display screen film, and hydrogel

  • Cutting force: Not mentioned
  • Repeatability: ±0.1 mm
  • Compatible software: Mobile app
  • Maximum media size・Cutting size: Not mentioned
  • Cutting speed: Can be set up directly from the app
  • There is an auto contour cut: Yes

3. GCC I-Craft 2.0

Do you like cutting origami, making milestones, mockups, scrapbooks, or papercraft? This one product you can rely on thanks to the print and cut and auto contour cut features. The existence of these two features makes it easy for you to get sticker pieces quickly and precisely.

This GCC output cutting machine is also capable of cutting supertypical materials up to 0.8 mm. The auto-adjusted blade holder feature also makes this machine able to cut without the need to set the knife manually. You could say, this product is the best sticker cutting machine to satisfy your hobby. 

Compatible media: Cardstock paper, soft magnetic, rhinestone stencil, flock heat transfer, PU film, and so on

  • Cutting force: 5-350 grams
  • Repeatability: ±0.1 mm
  • Compatible software: GreatCut, SignPal 12, FlexiSign 12, and so on
  • Maximum media size・Cutting size: 33 cm・100 cm x 30.5 cm
  • Cutting speed: 300 mm/s
  • There is an auto contour cut: Yes

4. Harizo Sticker Cutting Machine HR720

If you are looking for a Japanese standard A3 sticker cutting machine and above, this product is worth considering. This sticker cutting tool is able to cut material up to 63 cm. Do you want to print a packaging brand logo or make garskin for laptops and mobile phones? Just leave it to Harizo.

In addition, this machine is compatible with several software at once, for example CorelDraw, Flexi, and Signmaster. This product has also been equipped with Standard Japanese technology so you don't need to hesitate with its quality. 

  • Compatible media: Not mentioned
  • Cutting force: 20-500 grams
  • Repeatability: 0.01 mm
  • Compatible software: CorelDraw, Flexi, Enycut, and so on
  • Maximum media size・Cutting size: 72 cm ・63 cm
  • Cutting speed: 10-800 mm/s
  • There is an auto contour cut: Yes

5. Jinka Sticker Cutting Machine PRO 722 LED

This machine is equipped with a new technology carriage feature. Thanks to this feature, two blade holder points and four carriage wheels can be locked so that the engine moves more stably. As a result, even the shape of the circle to lowercase letters can be cut by this machine very accurately.

Measuring 169 cm x 35 cm x 43 cm, this machine is quite slim and does not eat a place in your workspace. If you need a slim sticker cutting machine with capable cutting accuracy, this product is the best partner.

  • Compatible media: Sticker paper, vinyl, polyflex
  • Cutting force: 20-500 grams
  • Repeatability: Not mentioned
  • Compatible software: ARTCUT, CorelDraw
  • Maximum media size・Cutting size: 72 cm ・61 cm
  • Cutting speed: 20-800 mm/s
  • There is an auto contour cut: Yes

6. Jinka Sticker Cutting Machine JK 361

With a cutting speed of 800 mm/second, this Jinka sticker cutting machine can save time and operational costs. The price is quite affordable, this machine is suitable for you to buy for your MSME business.

Thanks to Roland's premium sticker cutting blades, this product is able to produce quality image cuts. In addition, this machine can print designs directly from CorelDraw, more functional!
  • Compatible media: Polyflex, PolyFlock, vinyl, scotchlite, glitter and so on
  • Cutting force: 500 grams (maximum)
  • Repeatability: 2 mm
  • Compatible software: CorelDraw, ARTCUT
  • Maximum media size・Cutting size: 36cm・27cm
  • Cutting speed: 800mm/sec
  • There is an auto contour cut: Yes

7. Silhouette Cameo 4 Plus SILH-CAMEO-4-PLUS-4T

The existence of a print and cut feature is one of the attractions of this sticker cutting machine. In addition, this machine can cut materials as thin as 3 mm. For cutting thicker materials, you can also add spare kraft blades on this machine, very flexible!

Best of all, this machine is Bluetooth compatible so you can control it wirelessly. If you like practicality of use, this sticker cutting machine is one of the best answers for you.
  • Compatible media: Vinyl, heat transfer material, cardstock, photo paper, corrugated paper, and so on
  • Cutting force: 210-500 grams
  • Repeatability: Not mentioned
  • Compatible software: Adobe, PixScan, Silhouette Studio
  • Maximum media size・Cutting size: 38.1 cm・30.4 cm
  • Cutting speed: Not mentioned
  • There is an auto contour cut: Yes

8. Silhouette Portraits 3 SILH-PORTRAIT-3-4T

Those of you who prioritize portability are certainly the right choice for this sticker cutting machine. Measuring only 41.1 cm x 14 cm x 11.2 cm, this product does not take much space to use. Coupled with a weight of only 1.6 kg, this product is so easy for you to move. 

Despite its small size, this machine is also equipped with a cutting mat and print and cut registration capabilities.
  • Compatible media: Vinyl sticker, polyflex, transfer paper, fabric, and so on
  • Cutting force: 210 grams (maximum)
  • Repeatability: Not mentioned
  • Compatible software: PixScan, Silhouette Studio
  • Maximum media size・Cutting size: Not specified・20.3 cm x 30.5 cm (with cutting mat) or 20.3 cm x 300 cm (with roll feeder)
  • Cutting speed: Not mentioned
  • There is an auto contour cut: Yes

9. Rhinotec RC 60 XA

The main use of this Rhinotec sticker cutting machine is to cut polyflex (heat transfer film) screen printing materials. Polyflex is a sticker commonly used for fabric screen printing. So, this machine is perfect for those of you who want to open a t-shirt, hat, or totebag screen printing business.

Not only for cutting polyflex, this machine can also be used to cut various types of paper. What's more, you can use this product to draw designs, such as rooms or constructions. Multifunctional machine lovers should not miss this product.
  • Compatible media: Polyflex, transfer paper, art paper
  • Cutting force: 5-500 grams
  • Repeatability: Not mentioned
  • Compatible software: CorelDraw, CAD, Adobe Illustrator and so on
  • Maximum media size・Cutting size: Not mentioned
  • Cutting speed: 800mm/sec
  • There is an auto contour cut: Yes

10 GRAPHTEC CE7000-130

You certainly don't want to receive complaints about the long printing process, do you? This GRAPHTEC sticker cutting machine is a smart solution for you. With the datalink barcode system on this machine, you only need to scan the design and create the barcode once. Furthermore, you can simply scan the barcode without the need for plotting again.

Amazingly, this machine has a very high cutting speed, reaching 1,000 mm/second. Printing a large number of stickers as quickly as possible is no longer difficult. Coupled with the print and cut and auto contour cut features, this product is ready to support your business growth.
  • Compatible media: Self-adhesive vinyl film, light reflective film, etching resist, paint-masking film, rhinestone pattern media, and so on
  • Cutting force: 450 grams (maximum)
  • Repeatability: Maximum 0.1mm per 2m
  • Compatible software: Cutting Master 4, GRAPHTEC Pro Studio, GRAPHTEC Studio, Windows Driver
  • Maximum media size・Cutting size: 137.2 cm・127 cm x 5,000 cm
  • Cutting speed: 1000mm/sec
  • There is an auto contour cut: Yes

How to use a sticker cutting machine? 

On below we will provide a guide on how to use a sticker cutting machine. However, the system that we describe below is a general way. So, you should still read more detailed instructions regarding the use of the product you buy.

Prepare equipment and materials

First, prepare the materials and tools needed as follows:

1. The sticker cutting machine is on.
2. A computer with the ARTCUT program installed.
3. Cutting equipment: tweezers, scissors, knife or pen cutter, and ruler.

Connect the cutting machine and computer

Next, connect the sticker cutting machine to the computer. All you have to do is insert the USB port plug into the USB port on the computer. Then set the ARTCUT program that was installed earlier so that the machine and computer can be connected.

Make a design drawing

Then, make a picture of your sticker design (it can be an image or text). We recommend that you design using CorelDraw because the application is known to be easy to use even for beginners. When finished designing, export the image to the ARTCUT program.

Attach the sticker to the cutting machine

If the design is in order, install your sticker material into the sticker cutting machine. Put the sticker material on the roller or clamping wheel of the machine. Generally, the sticker cutting machine has 3 clamps. This stage can be skipped if you use a machine with print and cut features.

Prepare the cutting machine

Next, prepare your sticker cutting machine, in the following way:

1. Align the sticker material that has been clamped with the wheel earlier. Then, try to run it back and forth to make sure the material is installed correctly. Pay attention to the position of the paper carefully because materials that are not straight will cause the print to be skewed.

2. Insert the needle or knife into the cutter cartridge. Then, make sure the cartridge has moved left and right correctly.

3. Adjust the needle speed and pressure on the blade as needed.

Plotting the image on the computer

The next step is to open the ARTCUT program which displays the design from CorelDraw that you want to print. Make sure the image is in accordance with the size of the material installed. Then, click cut/plot and press the start button. The machine will start running to print your design.


Finally, after the sticker is printed you need to do the finishing. The trick is to peel off the parts of the sticker that are not printed using tweezers, cutter, or scissors. When finished, cover the top of the sticker with a clear sticker (masking sticker).


There are many things you need to check when you want to buy a sticker cutting machine. Cutting speed, cutting force, and repeatability are some of them. If you like practicality, choose products with auto contour cut or print and cut features.

Also remember to buy a cutting sticker according to your capacity and needs so you don't have trouble operating it. Finally, we hope you can use our article as reference material when buying a sticker cutting machine.

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