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10 Best Cash Register Recommendations (Up To Date)

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For those of you who are about to start a business, make sure you invest in buying a cash register to make managing transactions easier. The price of cash registers available in the market is quite diverse according to the type and completeness of the machine. Android cash registers are certainly sold at different prices than portable cash registers.

Among the various products, there are some good brands, such as Casio, Samsung, and Sharp. Which one should you choose? To help you determine the cash register as needed, we have prepared tips on choosing and recommending the best cast register fou you.

What is a cash register?

Cash registers have been around since the mid-20th century. Of course, the shape is different from the one you see now. In the past, cash registers worked mechanically. Along with the development of technology, cash registers have also evolved so that there are electronic cash registers as they are today.

The function of the cash register is to calculate the total transactions and document the sales transactions. Most cash registers can print transactions in the form of notes as records for both buyers and outlets. Sometimes the cash register has also been directly accompanied by a money storage drawer. This drawer system is made safer than conventional wooden drawers.

How to choose a cash register?

In the market there are various types of cash register products that you can choose from. Before dropping the choice, look at the following tips on choosing a cash register. 

Find an operating system that suits your needs

Usually, cash registers are equipped with conventional operating systems or POS systems that are popular these days. You should recognize the characteristics of each system in order to determine the one that best suits your needs.

Conventional system, easy operation for simple computing

Conventional cash registers are very commonly used by businesses, especially by small businesses. The operating system is relatively simple, which contains nominal details and the types of goods sold or entered every day. There are also reports of expenses or expenses that may be incurred by business cash.

On the one hand, the operation of this machine becomes very easy because the computing is simple. However, when viewed from business needs, this simple system makes the machine has many limitations. For example, you cannot know the total amount of stock of a particular item without manually calculating it.

POS system, offering comprehensive data management

Recognizing the needs and development of the business, many technology start-ups present a point of sale (POS) system. POS system can be interpreted as a set of systems designed to facilitate and speed up the transaction process. 

The system consists of hardware and software that is integrated online or cloud-based. So, you can keep an eye on the entire business activity easily because all data can be accessed from anywhere. 

It should be understood, the data processed is not limited to cashier data or sales transactions. This system processes a variety of data covering business operations, ranging from inventory, financial statements, to promotional programs. In other words, the documented data as well as the reports presented by the POS system are more thorough.

Choose a portable or mini cash register if the cash register is small

When looking for a cash register, you will probably find a lot of machines with a large enough size. Unfortunately, not all businesses have adequate space to store such machines. If your business outlet is not too large and the cash register is limited in size, choose a portable or mini machine.

Portable cash registers are usually very slim in size, which is only the size of an electronic data capture (EDC) machine. 

This type of machine also includes a printer so you no longer need to buy a note printing machine. Another choice of cash registers that are quite small in size is a mini tablet. Please make the choice that best suits the availability of the space you have!

Consider being equipped with a money drawer

There is a cash register that is equipped with a money drawer or cash drawer. In addition to being neater because money can be sorted based on decimals, money drawers are also relatively safer. Generally, cash drawers are automatically locked when closed, reducing the risk of losing money due to staff forgetting to lock drawers.

In addition, this money drawer can also be connected to a POS system or a conventional cashier system. So, the drawer will automatically open before the cashier prints the note. Cashier service also becomes more efficient and fast which certainly affects customer satisfaction.

Even so, not all businesses can directly buy a complete cash register device. However, take it easy because you can always complete the needs of the cashier gradually. When you buy a cash register without drawers, you can still buy drawers separately at a later date.

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10 Best cash register recommendations

Next, we will recommend the ten best cash register products that we determine based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected taking into account product quality, buyer reviews, and level of trust in the seller. Our products are sorted by their popularity in various marketplaces.

1. Morgen MGO 889

Personalize keyboard keys according to your needs

Do you often find the sales transaction input process long-winded and less efficient? If the answer is yes, this product is the solution you need. This cash register keyboard can be personalized according to your needs. 

That way, you can make the input process more efficient because the keyboard keys have been adjusted. Moreover, this machine also provides multi-report features and access control. So, you can not only receive various reports, but can set who has the right to access them.

  • OS: Conventional systems
  • Size: Big
  • Money drawer: Yes

2. Shanghai SUNMI Technology. Sunmi T2 Mini

In the market you can find quite a lot of companies that provide POS systems or applications. If you want to have flexible options, choose a cash register that is compatible with many systems like this product. 

Thus, you are free to determine and choose a POS system or replace it if it is not suitable. In addition to its extensive compatibility, this product also has a built-in printer.

  • OS: POS System
  • Size: Mini
  • Money drawer: Not

3. Quorion. QMP 18

Not only saves space, but also saves electricity costs

For business owners, every detail of expenses certainly needs to be taken into account. Where possible, operational-related costs should ideally be reduced in such a way. Therefore, we recommend this product for those of you who want to save on business operating costs.

The reason, this cash register only requires low electrical power, which is 22W. Thus, you can also save electricity costs that must be borne. The dimensions of this product size are also not too large so it can be used in small business outlets.

  • OS: POS System
  • Size: Mini
  • Money drawer: Yes

4. Kassen- Cash Register All in One POS. CV-890

When your business offers products in very many variants, a barcode system is needed for inventory management. With the barcode, the cashier staff simply scans the product when inputting sales transactions.

For those of you who are looking for a cash register complete with barcode scanner, this one product can be a consideration. This product is equipped with a hand barcode scanner so you don't need to buy it separately.
  • OS: POS System
  • Size: Big
  • Money drawer: Yes

5. Tissor - Cash register Tissor. T5000

When processing sales transactions, you certainly don't want to lose money due to receiving fake money. 

Well, to avoid it, choose a product from Tissor as your flagship cash register. In addition to having the standard features of cashiers, this product is also equipped with fake money detection tools. 
There are several modes that you can choose from, such as ultraviolet, magnetic, watermark, and magnifying glass modes.
  • OS: Conventional systems
  • Size: Big
  • Money drawer: Yes

6. Casio - Cash Registers Entry Models. SE-S400

Technically, this product has many advantages. In terms of design, this cash register has a stylish design. Meanwhile, the product is equipped with an easy-to-operate system and adequate memory. However, beyond that, this product can also be a representation of the value held by your business. 

For business owners who prioritize transparency, cash registers are the answer. This product is equipped with two screens so that it makes it easier for staff and consumers to see the inputted transaction. So, you give the consumer the opportunity to check the sales data processed by the cashier staff.
  • OS: Conventional systems
  • Size: Big
  • Money drawer: Yes

7. Bellav - Android Cash register. Z91M

Nowadays, cashless transactions are the preference of many people. In addition to practical, this method is also considered safer. Well, if you want to ensure customer satisfaction by accommodating cashless payments, choose this cash register.

This product is equipped with near field communication (NFC) technology that can scan debit or credit cards easily. Not only that, the size of this product is also very small so it does not require a special counter space.
  • OS: POS System
  • Size: Portable
  • Money drawer: Not

8. Sharp - Electronic Cash Register. XE-A207

Make sure sales data is secure with back up SD card

Documentation of sales transactions is one of the crucial data for businesses. With this data, you can analyze the most sold products or the most crowded sales hours. This information can certainly be the basis of important decisions in business.

For those of you who want to make sure sales data is always stored properly, choose this product. In addition to relying on the machine's internal memory, you can also make back up data because the product is equipped with an SD card slot.
  • OS: Conventional systems
  • Size: Big
  • Money drawer: Yes

9. Advan Harvard Smart Mobile POS

If you are looking for a small cash register, this one product can be considered. Although the size is fairly small, this Harvard Smart Mobile POS has a fairly large screen. Not only that, the screen looks sharp. 

So, you will have no difficulty in processing sales transactions because the details of the transaction are clearly visible. Plus, the 5.0 megapixel camera technology it carries is claimed to be able to scan accurately. Barcode or quick response (QR) code scanning also becomes smoother!
  • OS: POS System
  • Size: Portable
  • Money drawer: Not

10. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite LTE

This Galaxy Tab A7 Lite LTE can be a mainstay if you need a multifunctional device. When the product is connected to a POS system, you will have a mini cash register. 
Outside of the operational time of offline outlets, this product can be functioned like a tablet in general. 

That way, this tablet you can use to support other business needs. You name it, designing promotional materials, managing social media, and taking care of online stores. You can also add accessories in the form of printers and cash drawers to complete your cash register.
  • OS: POS System
  • Size: Mini
  • Money drawer: Not


You have listened to the article about the cash register and its product recommendations from us. Have you found a cash register product that suits your needs?

Make sure you consider the tips you choose above before buying the cash register of choice. Hopefully this article can help you find the best cash register so that your business is more advanced. Welcome to choose!

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