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10 Pinterest-style Room Decorating Recommendations

Pinterest-style Room Decorating Recommendations 1

For some people, decorating a room is the most fun thing. Because, apart from being able to choose a theme for the room, we can also arrange things according to our wishes. 

With decorations and room themes that match your wishes, we can be more comfortable in the room. Even for freelancers who work in the room, the atmosphere of the room is very important to foster a comfortable working atmosphere so as to increase productivity.

Many people want an aesthetically pleasing bedroom theme like on Pinterest. However, sometimes they do not know how to decorate it, what materials are needed for decorating, and where these materials can be purchased. This articles will help you answer these questions, let's have a look!

1. Rosewell - Single Plain White Sheet 120 x 200 cm

Comfortable soft bed linen in plain white, perfect for Pinterest-style room decor

One of the keys to decorating a room as aesthetically as it is on Pinterest is the bed linens used. Usually, the sheets used are plain or unpatterned sheets. I suggest using white sheets. Because, in addition to looking clean, white also makes the room look brighter because it can reflect sunlight that enters the room.

One brand that I recommend is Rosewell. This sheet is made of microtex dispersion cotton which is soft, smooth, thick, and breathable so it is very comfortable to use. 

This sheet material is also not easy to fade and is not hairy even though it is washed many times in the washing machine. The tip so that white sheets don't get dirty quickly is that we must be diligent in washing our feet before getting on the mattress.

2. Floating Shelves Set - White [3 pcs/ 40 x 20 x 20 cm]

Versatile wall shelves, minimalist bedrooms become more efficient

Having a minimalist or small bedroom is not a barrier to decorating a Pinterest-style room. We can add a floating wall shelf to add a place to put decorations such as flower vases or books. This shelf can be affixed to the wall without having to prepare an empty space or place to put the shelf.

In addition, you can adjust where the shelves are placed, for example on the wall above the bed, in the corner of the room, or above the work table. 

Very efficient for those of us who have a minimalist bedroom. The shelf I recommend is a wall shelf made of black board and meranti plywood with a DECO/VECO finish.

This rack is also light, but able to withstand loads up to 1.5 kg. This shelf is also very durable. I've been using it for a year and it hasn't been eaten by termites. However, we have to clean it often so it doesn't get dusty.

3. IKEA - STOMMA Wall clock, white

Do not let us forget the time because it is comfortable in the bedroom. Usually this happens often, especially for those of us who like to watch Korean dramas for hours or those of us who work in our rooms. 

Because it is fun and comfortable, we forget when to eat or worship and always feel that it is suddenly night. Therefore, it is obligatory to have a clock in the room.

I suggest choosing the type of wall clock. The reason is, the large wall clock makes it easier for us to see it. The wall clock I recommend is this clock from IKEA. 

In addition to reminding us of the time, this wall clock is also very beautiful as a room decoration. My advice, put the wall clock right above the bed to make it look more aesthetic like a Pinterest-style room.

4. White Triangle Stand Hanger

Tired of the same wardrobe model? In order not to get bored, we can choose a Triangle Stand Hanger to be a substitute for a wardrobe. 

In addition to being multifunctional, this stand hanger is also suitable to be added as an element in the room to make it look more aesthetic. This hanger stand is made of iron with a three-layer and two-stack design. We can hang clothes, store books, shoes, and other things in this hanger stand.

For those of you who have a minimalist room, this hanger stand is the right choice to save space. I've been using this stand hanger for two years and it's still going strong today. 

If you hang your clothes on this hanger stand, I suggest using a plastic coating to prevent the clothes from getting dusty.

5. Grid Wire Black Memo Organizer

Wall grid that can be pasted on the wall to keep track of schedules and memories with loved ones

Love to collect photos with your loved ones, but don't know where to stick them? We can add this wall grid on the walls of our room. In addition to pasting photos, we can also use this wall grid to paste to-do lists, schedules, reminders, or motivational words.

This product also keeps the walls of the room from being damaged by glue or nails that we often use to stick photos or our schedule. 

This wall grid is also very beautiful when installed on the wall above the work table in the room. With photos of loved ones stuck to the surface, we can be more excited to work. If you want a Pinterest-style room, don't forget to add this element to your room!

6. Flamingo Shape LED Light

Those of you who like to look for Pinterest-style room decoration ideas may be familiar with flamingo LED lights.

 The existence of this lamp in our room will add to the aesthetics of the room. Moreover, if this lamp is turned on at night with Tumblr-style decorative lights, the atmosphere of the room will be very beautiful.

This lamp can also be used as a night light to save on our electricity costs. You don't need to worry because this lamp is made of plastic that has been tested. Even if used overnight, this lamp does not heat up and the plastic material will not melt.

The energy source for this lamp is three button cell batteries. During one year of use, I have only changed the battery of this lamp once. 

I usually use it as a night light. In addition to adding to the aesthetics of the room, this lamp also relaxes my eyes because the light emitted is not too strong.

Pinterest-style Room Decorating Recommendations 2

7. Synthetic Tropical Monstera Leaf

Want to add elements of living plants in your room, but are afraid that the plants will die because you can't take care of them? Perhaps replacing live plants with artificial leaves is one answer. In addition to easy maintenance, using artificial leaves still provides a cool effect in the room with its green color.

The more artificial leaves in the room, the cooler and fresher the atmosphere in the room. In addition, these artificial leaves also make the room look more beautiful. For those of you who like to take selfies or do photoshoots, artificial leaves in the room can be a background for taking pictures.

One type of artificial leaf that I recommend is the monstera leaf. In addition to the green making it fresh, the monstera leaves are also large so that even one leaf looks aesthetically pleasing in the room. So we don't spend a lot of money to buy other plants.

8. Multifunctional Desktop Box Organizer Basket

Store and organize things with the multifunctional basket

Are you often confused about placing small items so that the room doesn't look messy? If yes, then we are the same. To overcome this, I usually buy multifunctional baskets. This basket can be used to store small items such as scissors, cellphone cases, and others.

In addition, this basket can also be used to store dirty clothes. With this basket, your room can be more tidy and aesthetically pleasing. The multifunctional basket that I recommend is a basket made of canvas. In addition to giving a classic or rustic impression to the room, canvas material is also more durable. When not in use, you can fold it and store it in a cupboard.

9. IKEA - LERBERG Shelf unit, white

A strong and durable shelf that can beautify the bedroom

For those of you who like to arrange rooms with knick-knacks such as cactus pots, dolls, and others, you need additional shelves.

 You can choose this white Lerberg shelf. In addition to knick-knacks that can be stored properly, this shelf also adds to the beauty of your room. Because, the model is unique and not like a shelf in general.

This shelf is made of iron so it is guaranteed to be strong, sturdy, and durable. How to clean it is also easy, which is wiped with water and a little detergent.

 During use, I haven't noticed any peeling or rusting of the shelving. The shelf life is also good. My books are safe on this shelf.

10. Maroc Carpet Super Black 160x210 cm

Soft and comfortable carpet, perfect for everyday relaxing

If you have a bed that is placed directly on the floor without a couch, I recommend adding a rug next to the bed. This rug will give a comfortable effect in the room because you can relax on this rug, not only on the bed. One rug I recommend is a monochrome rug.

Why monochrome? The goal is to make the carpet feel in line with the Pinterest-style room theme, which is black and white. This rug is made of polypropylene and has a hair height of 8 mm. In my opinion, this rug is the best choice because the fur is not too thick so it doesn't cause hair loss.

Fur that is not thick also makes it easier for us to clean the carpet. Then, this carpet is very easy to wash and dry easily so it doesn't cause a musty smell after washing.


Well, those are Pinterest-style room decoration materials that you can try when you want to decorate your bedroom. Not all of them have to be used, but these materials can be your consideration when decorating a room.

So, now you don't have to be confused anymore how to decorate the bedroom. I have explained what materials are needed and where to get them. My advice, pay attention to the size of your room, whether it is spacious or minimalist. That way, the decor will not look crowded and piled up. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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