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Top 10 Romantic Manga Recommendations This Year

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Do you like reading romantic manga? If so, you certainly shouldn't miss Wotakoi, Perfect World, and Horimiya manga. You will definitely be made to smile to yourself or baper because of these mangas. This is the main strength of the best romantic manga! The interaction between the main characters can melt the heart of the reader.

Like novels, romantic manga can thrill and change the mood of the reader. The story of this manga is more interesting because it is combined with other subgenres. So, to help you find a good romantic manga, we'll show you how to choose and some best recommendations. Read on, come on!

What is a romantic manga?

Romantic manga is a comic from Japan that carries a love story. Interestingly, this love story has no limits and can be developed into various forms of stories. This is the reason why this genre is never empty of fans. The reason is, love is a universal language which is of course relatable to the daily life of its readers.

Therefore, romantic manga can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their environmental background and age. Even those of you who are in love will be confused for a long time to the point of crying over and over for reading romantic manga.

There are times when the reader's understanding between the romantic manga subgenre and shoujo manga (manga aimed at teenage girls) is confused. 

This is because the differences between these two subgenres are so gray that they are difficult to distinguish. However, it's important to note that not all shoujo manga are romantic.

How to choose a romantic manga

Who would have thought that choosing a good romantic manga had a trick. Please follow the following points so you can find the best romantic manga from the many choices available.

Choose based on your preferred manga subgenre

In addition to romantic love stories, many romantic manga are also combined with other subgenres. Thus, this romantic manga story is more interesting and not boring. Actually, romantic manga has quite a number of subgenres.

 However, we deliberately chose the four most common subgenres, namely school life, drama, slice of life, and comedy.

School life: The story of a sweet schoolboy

If you're after a romantic manga with a love life as a school background, please choose the school life subgenre. This subgenre talks a lot about the light and warm love life of schoolchildren.

Although light, this subgenre is still interesting to listen to, you know! Many stories are raised about first love, the love of younger siblings and older siblings, to unrequited love. Well, for those of you who miss unforgettable school days, try choosing this subgenre.

Drama: A more intense adult life

In contrast to school life, the drama subgenre is much more intense because it deals with increasingly complex life stories. The background of this subgenre story is also quite diverse, such as when you are in college, working, or when you are married. You will be treated to adult conflicts that will drain your emotions.

This subgenre can make you laugh, smile, angry, sad, and cry at the same time. If you like romantic manga with a bolder love story, please choose this subgenre.

Slice of life: A simpler and relatable story

Do you crave a love story that is closely related to everyday experiences? You have to choose a romantic manga with the slice of life subgenre, here. This subgenre attracts many readers because it offers a simple and relatable plot, but it is very memorable.

The life experiences experienced by the main character often occur in our lives. Therefore, romantic manga with slice of life subgenre is easier to enjoy. You can also read romantic manga with this subgenre while relaxing and enjoying your daily routine.

Comedy: Offers an intimate and laugh-filled romantic story

One subgenre that should not be missed is romantic comedy. This romcom manga presents a love story wrapped in jokes between characters that will make you laugh. The presence of these comedy spices also makes the romantic stories offered more colorful and entertaining.

This romance comedy manga also features many romantic love stories that are intimate and full of laughter. Usually, you will also be presented with funny expressions of adorable characters. The humorous interactions and warmth in the romantic comedy manga will definitely lift your mood while reading it.

We have an article that discusses comedy manga specifically, you know. If you want to know the information and recommendations, read the article below.

Determine from artwork and manga

Not limited to story ideas that are difficult to move on, many people choose a romantic manga based on the artwork. 

This is one of the joys of reading manga. The reason is, every mangaka or comic artist has a unique artwork. Therefore, the choice of romantic manga is increasingly abundant and you can choose it according to your taste.

If you like beautiful manga, choose a romantic manga in the style of shoujo manga with the characteristics of big and round eyes. Then, there is also a manga with old artwork that makes you nostalgic for the old manga.

Pay attention to the type and volume of manga

Finally, you can choose romantic manga based on the type and number of volumes. Romantic manga is further divided into two types, namely one-shot and series. One-shot manga is manga that ends in just one volume. 

Thus, this type is perfect for those of you who are easily bored and don't have much time.

Meanwhile, a manga series is a manga that consists of several volumes before ending. By having many volumes, story ideas will be more detailed and developed. 

You can also enjoy the development process of each character and the conflict is getting more intense. However, make sure you check the volume before buying so you don't miss a story.

top 10 romantic manga 2

The 10 best romantic manga recommendations

Next, we'll recommend the ten best romantic manga that we've selected based on how to vote above. These recommendations were carefully selected by taking into account reader ratings and reviews. Our products are sorted by popularity on Goodreads.

1. I`ll Leave You Two Alone, Sunao Nagae

Who doesn't want a marriage based on love? Like women in general, Mio Negishi has a dream to marry the man she loves. However, humans never know how fate dictates life.

Investigate a calibaration, Mio was betrothed to a man she didn't know at all. He was desperate to come to the meeting to cancel the plan. 

However, after knowing the figure of her future husband, Mio was shocked! Who is that man? Well, if you are curious about the story of matchmaking that is slowly spiced up with romance, please read this manga.

  • Subgenre: Drama, romance, school life, shoujo
  • Total volume: 1 (End)
  • Type: One-shot
  • Rating on Goodreads: 3.00 out of 5

2. AKASHA : Legal x Love, Takeko Yasu

Office romance spiced with drama like a soap opera

For those of you who love drama like soap operas, try reading the office romance manga entitled Legal X Love! This manga by Takeko Yasu tells the love story between a handsome lawyer named Umemiya and a paralegal named Kokoro.

Actually, Kokoro is traumatized by having a relationship with an office friend. However, Umemiya's changing nature between cynical and gentle makes it harder for Kokoro to look away. What's more, Umemiya is the one who saves himself from the drama of the affair!

  • Subgenre: Shoujo, romance, drama, adult
  • Total volume: 4 (End)
  • Type: Series
  • Rating on Goodreads: 3.22 of 5

3. No Longer Heroine, Momoko Koda

The main magnet of this manga is the behavior of the super funny main lead. Therefore, this manga is suitable to be chosen if you like the romcom genre with a fairly complicated storyline. 

Hatori believes that his childhood best friend, Rita, will become her husband someday. He also harbored his feelings deeply while waiting for Rita's love confession.

After a long wait, Rita also expressed her feelings. Rita confessed that she was dating one of the students at school! A heartbroken Hatori is suddenly approached by an ikemen (cool handsome boy) at school. Then, to whom will Hatori's heart rest?

  • Subgenre: Drama, school life, romance, shoujo, comedy
  • Total volume: 10 (End)
  • Type: Series
  • Rating on Goodreads: 3.35 of 5

4. Fox`s Kiss, Saki Aikawa

The love story between demons and humans in this manga is so interesting to listen to, especially if you like fantasy stories. Fox's Kiss tells how a human becomes the fiancee of a fox demon because of a kiss.

The fox demon is named Iori. He deliberately disguised himself as a human in order to live with his fiancé, Koharu. While reading this manga, you will be overdosed with romantic scenes between this world's opposite couple.

  • Subgenre: Fantasy, romance
  • Total volume: 3 (End)
  • Type: Series
  • Rating on Goodreads: 4.07 of 5

5. Spring Garden, Riho Masuda

Especially for those of you who are looking for simple reading to pass the time on the weekend, just read Spring Garden! This one-shot manga is guaranteed not to take up much of your time. So, you can read it casually without the need to be shackled by curiosity about the continuation of the story.

So, what's the story like? This manga contains various love stories of high school students who are almost graduated, but still don't know what to do. The various romantic stories of these teenagers will surely make you immersed in the storyline.

  • Subgenre: School life
  • Total volume :1 (End)
  • Type: One-shot
  • Rating on Goodreads: 3.89 of 5

6. Fly Me to the Moon, Kenjiro Hata

After reading this one manga, your heart will definitely become warmer. The reason is, this manga focuses on the love story between the two main characters, Nasa and Tsukasa. Nasa confesses to his first love, Tsukasa. However, Tsukasa will only accept Nasa's declaration of love if Nasa marries him.

Without involving a third person drama, this manga tells about the process of how the two characters fall in love again and again. 

At first this manga does feel a little heavy and serious. However, conditions will change drastically in subsequent volumes. Therefore, if you are looking for a manga that presents a lot of warm stories between the main characters, this is the choice.

  • Subgenre: Romantic comedy, science fiction, slice of life, shounen
  • Total volume: 7 (Ongoing)
  • Type: Series
  • Rating on Goodreads: 4.00 out of 5

7. Perfect World, Rie Aruga

After so many years, Kawana is reunited with his first love, Ayukawa. They were brought together in a project involving the two companies they worked for. However, something has changed from Ayukawa, Kawana is very surprised to see the boy she likes is now using a wheelchair.

This condition did not make Kawana flinch at all. With full sincerity and honesty, Kawana began to break down the barrier between himself and Ayukawa. For that, if you like manga with stories full of sacrifices, try reading this manga.

  • Subgenre: Romance, drama, slice of life, school, shoujo
  • Total volume: 9 (Ongoing)
  • Type: Series
  • Rating on Goodreads: 4.18 of 5

8. Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet. Mika Yamamori

If you like age difference love stories, this manga is a great choice! Fumi Ohno has to work after her father is trapped in debt and kicked out of his apartment. A young writer named Akatsuki Kibikino is fortunately willing to accommodate Fumi and hire her as a housekeeper.

At first Fumi felt so lonely because Akatsuki greeted him unfriendly. However, after spending time alone, Fumi realized how warm Akatsuki's character was. Instead of hate, the seeds of love grew between the two.

  • Subgenre: Drama, romance, shoujo
  • Total volume: 2 (Ongoing)
  • Type: Series
  • Rating on Goodreads: 4.19 out of 5

9. Wotakoi : Love is Hard for Otaku, Fujita

This manga tells about the romance and comedy story of an employee who is actually an otaku, but hides his passion. The two main characters, Hirotaka Nifuji and Narumi Momose, are friends from middle school who meet again at the office.

Thanks to their interest in similar fields, they end up dating and being able to be themselves when they are together.

While creating a persona like a professional at work, Hirotaka and Narumi's interactions are full of comedy and romantic stories. 

There is also their partner named Koyanagi and Kabakura who are also otaku partners. Therefore, read this comic if you are looking for light manga with everyday stories embellished with otaku activities.

  • Subgenre: Slice of life, comedy, otaku
  • Total volume: 3 (Ongoing)
  • Type: Series
  • Rating on Goodreads: 4.35 of 5

10. Horimiya, HERO x Daisuke Hagiwara

If you are interested in listening to the love story of a high school student that blossoms slowly because of the similarities between the two, read this comic.

 Both having two different sides at school make Hori and Miyamura curious until they are finally attracted to each other. At school, Hori is known as a stylish girl, famous, and excels in academics, very different at home.

On the other hand, his classmate, Miyamura, turns out to be similar to Hori. He also has a different image between at school and outside! Not only focusing on the story of Hori and Miyamura, this manga series also tells a fresh love story like high school kids.

  • Subgenre: Comedy, romance, school life, slice of life
  • Total volume: 15 (Ongoing)
  • Type: Series
  • Rating on Goodreads: 4.39 of 5


Even though they both carry the theme of romance, every romantic manga on the market has a variety of subgenres. That way, you won't feel bored even if you buy romantic manga over and over again.

If you are bored with the slice of life subgenre, then you can read the school life, comedy, and other genres. You can also more freely choose the manga that suits your personal reference. So, what subgenre do you like romantic manga with?

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