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Top 7 Detective Comics Recommendations of the Year

Detective Comics Recommendations 1

One of the popular comic genres is comics with a detective theme. Solving various cases, codes, and complicated mysteries are the characteristics as well as the appeal of detective comics. Among the many detective comics on the market, which one should you choose?

We'll cover how to choose and recommend the best detective comics in this article. Among the recommendations, you'll find Detective Conan, Death Note, and Sofia: Fashion Investigation. Read this article to the end and find the most suitable detective comic for you!

How to choose detective comics?

You probably can't wait to see the detective comic recommendations that we have prepared. However, in order to find a comic that suits your taste, you need to listen to our tips below. Come on, just scroll down!

Know the level of complexity of the story from the synopsis and review

The main attraction of detective comics is the story that invites curiosity. Plus, you can choose the storyline according to your taste. Detective comics with predictable plots are perfect for a relaxing time. Meanwhile, the story is complicated and full of twists and turns, if you are used to exploring detective stories.

Well, to find out the level of complexity of the comic, read the synopsis and reviews from other readers. There are quite a number of sites and forums where readers can exchange ideas with each other. 

There, you can see the rating of your target comic, as well as a synopsis. That way, you can easily find detective comics that are really interesting to read.

Choose based on the image style you like

Every comic writer has a different drawing style, including detective comics. Most detective comics are drawn in a realist style, but not a few are imaginary. Well, if you haven't found the right drawing style, consider the work of a comic artist who already has a big name.

Then, in addition to the drawing style, detective comics are usually presented in small panels filled with dialogue balloons. 

Pay attention to the details made in the panel then ask yourself a question. Are the details clear and easy to understand? If so, the moment of reading comics will certainly be more exciting.

Also check the number of volumes

Another important point to make in choosing a detective comic is to check the number of volumes. If you're not the type of reader who can't wait, choose short volumes or finished comics. That way, you can immediately finish the story without being hindered by curiosity.

On the other hand, if you can keep your curiosity in check, consider detective comics that offer complex stories in long volumes. 

For information, a number of detective serial comics are still in ongoing status, so you need to be patient waiting for the sequel. If you are interested in comics like this, you should regularly check the latest series so that your curiosity can be quickly resolved.

Detective Comics Recommendations 2

7 Best detective comics recommendations

Next, we'll recommend the ten best detective comics that we've selected based on how to vote above. These recommendations were carefully selected by taking into account reader ratings and reviews. Our products are sorted by popularity

1. Yusei Matsui - Demonic Detective Neuro

Don't miss this comic if you are a fan of supernatural stories. This detective series is thick with supernatural elements with a demon named Neuro Nougami as the main character. Neuro's daily diet is a mystery. So, when the mysteries in the demon world have been exhausted, Neuro must go to the human world.

Neuro makes a pact with Yako Katsuragi, a high school girl who wants to solve the mystery of her father's murder. They set up a detective agency with Shinobu Godai, a former criminal, and a braided girl named Akane. Apart from helping humans in solving various cases, they continue to hunt for mysteries to satisfy Neuro's appetite.

  • Status: End (23 volumes)

2. Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata - Death Note

In addition to comics, Death Note has been adapted into animation, films, and drama series in several versions. This comic tells about the Death Note, a notebook that Ryuk the god of death dropped into the human world. By writing the full name of the desired person, the book can kill a human life.

The notebook was found by a young man named Light Yagami. Light uses the Death Note to kill criminals and those who stand in his way. 

After that, a genius detective named L appears who wants to reveal the figure behind the deaths of these criminals. For you fans of shounen manga with realistic graphics, don't miss this comic!

  • Status: End (12 volumes)

3. Torikoboshimaya - Secret Code A Displeased Detective Of Cipher

If you like detective comics with lots of puzzle elements, don't miss this product. Torikoboshimaya's work tells the story of Chitose who runs a cryptanalysis office. In cracking various passwords and codes, Chitose is assisted by Momo, an assistant who is also his childhood friend.

Secret Code A Displeased Detective Of Cipher is light and can warm the hearts of its readers. Plus, you don't have to wait long to find out how the story ends, as this comic ends in three volumes.

  • Status: End (3 volumes)

4. Jeon Hey-jin, Lee Ki-ha - Lady Detective

Most detective comics have a man as the main character. Well, this comic tells the story of Elizabeth Newton, a smart young girl who works as a novelist. People around him often underestimate women because they are considered only good at dressing up and spending money.

However, Miss Lizzie prefers to study, read books, and find answers to a series of cases. This comic is suitable if you like stories with a female main character who is smart and brave. Besides being invited to dissolve in the story, you will be fascinated by the beauty of the character's clothing and detailed setting of the place.

  • Status: End (6 volumes)

5. Motohiro Katou - Q.E.D iff

If you like riddles related to formulaic subjects like math or physics, this is a comic worth collecting. The comic by Motohiro Katou tells the story of So Toma, a young genius who graduated from college in America at the age of 15. One day, Toma decides to go back to school at a high school in Japan.

Toma meets Mizuhara, his classmate who is the daughter of a police inspector. Accompanied by Mizuhara, Soma takes action to uncover various cases, ranging from theft to murder. The cases in Q.E.D comics use a lot of exact science theory so you will be invited to think about solving them.

  • Status: On going

6. Yen Hioka - The Black Detective

The image of a detective is usually depicted as an intelligent figure who is wise and normative in dealing with criminals. However, this is not the case with a high school detective named Yo Kuroba. Yen Hioka describes the main character uniquely, which is sadistic and manipulative.

This one detective instead undergoes the detective profession so that he can be total in torturing and oppressing criminals. If you're tired of the mainstream portrayal of detectives, this comic is worth reading.

  • Status: On going

7. Aoyama Gosho - Detective Conan

If you are a fan of detective stories, you may already be familiar with this comic by Aoyama Gosho. The detective series, which was first published in 1994, is still ongoing and continues to be awaited by fans. Detective Conan tells the story of Shinichi Kudo, a 17-year-old genius who has shrunk due to a mysterious poison.

Shinichi must hide his identity in the form of Conan Edogawa in order to find the antidote and catch the criminals who poisoned him.

He also solves various cases by borrowing the figure of Kogoro Mouri who is the father of his childhood friend, Ran. If you are a true lover of detective series, don't forget to complete this comic collection!

Status: On going


After reading this article, have you found a detective comic that you want to collect? Reading detective comics can not only fill your spare time, but can also be an exciting activity.

Not only that, you can sharpen your brain by participating in guessing the mysteries presented by the comic artist. Interesting right? However, before buying detective comics, pay attention to the points of choice that we have conveyed, yes. Happy reading!

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