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10 Best Car Tires This Year

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Now automotive goods are starting to be sold in the marketplace, you can even buy car tires at online stores. Bridgeston, Dunlop, Michelin, Goodyear, Hankook, and GT Radial are some good tire brands. Car tires with ring 14 and ring 15 are products that are much sought after by consumers.

There are several important points for you to consider before buying a car, such as tire code, size, and type. We will also recommend a variety of good car tire products in many price options.

How to choose car tires?

Choosing the right car tires will really help you during the trip. We will share tips on choosing the right car tires for your vehicle. Listen carefully, yes!

Choose the right tire for your car

The first point that you should pay attention to is choosing tires that suit your car. Each car must have its own type and size of tires from the manufacturer. The car tire code is usually found on the drawer placard, door, or near the fuel tank cap.

In addition, also pay attention to the very first letter code of the tire. The letter "P" means passenger or a car designed to carry passengers. Next, there is a "T" or temporary code which is a spare tire. This means that you cannot use temporary tires continuously.

You can also find car tires with the code "LT" or light truck. LT tires are usually made for cars that carry luggage rather than passengers. However, in this article we recommend more tires for passenger cars.

Understand the meaning of the code on the tire

When you select a car tire, you will be told the tire code, for example 185/65 R15 88H. We will explain about the meaning of the code of the car tire.

  • The first number indicates the tire tread width in millimeters. The increase in car performance will be influenced by the width of the tires.
  • The next number shows the ratio of the tire thickness to the tread width. If the code says the number 65, it means that the thickness of the tire is 65% of 185 mm. The thicker a tire, the more balanced it is.
  • R15 indicates the rim diameter in inches. The letter R stands for ring, radial, or the radius of a circle. This information is related to the diameter of the rim or ring wheel of your car. So, you can choose car tires with ring 14, ring 15, and so on.
  • The next number, 88, indicates the maximum load capacity.
    • Figure 62: 265 kg
    • Figure 63: 272 kg
    • Figure 64: 280 kg
    • Figure 66: 300 kg
    • Figure 68: 315 kg
    • Figure 70: 335 kg
    • Figure 73: 365 kg
    • Figure 75: 387 kg
    • Figures 80–89: 450–580 kg
  • The last letter indicates the maximum speed the tire can bear.
    • Letter P: 150 km/h
    • Letter Q: 160 km/h
    • Letter R: 170 km/h
    • Letter S: 180 km/h
    • Letter T: 190 km/h
    • Letter H: 210 km/h
    • Letter V: 240 km/h
    • Letter W: 270 km/h
    • Letter Y: >300 km/h

The meaning of this tire code is important for you to know. With this code, you can determine which tires are the right size for your car. 

In addition to the size code, the tire also has a production year code. This production code is to determine the age of the tire from the start of production.

Adjust the type of tire to the terrain of travel

You need to choose tires that are suitable for the terrain you are going through. Tires for urban roads will certainly be different from tires for off road. There are three types of tires that you can at least choose for the terrain you are traveling on.

High-terrain or H/T tires are more suitable for urban roads. This type of tire is very suitable for everyday use on paved roads.

The type of mud terrain or M/T tires are suitable for off road. M/T tires have a rougher outer surface which serves to increase traction to the ground. The rough surface also makes it easier for mud or snow to escape from the tires.

Types of all-terrain or A/T tires are suitable for all terrain. As the name implies, A/T tires can be used on paved roads to light muddy roads. In addition, A/T tires are also better for use on slippery roads.

Also pay attention to the car tire grooves

The grooves on the tires serve to increase friction on the road surface. The higher the friction, the lower the chance of the tire slipping. There are several models of grooves on the tire surface, namely symmetrical, asymmetrical, and directional.

Symmetrical grooves have the same grooves for both the outside and the inside. The tread pattern follows the tire bone. The unidirectional groove model helps drain water and provides comfort on the road. If you use high speed, unfortunately these tires will cause high vibrations.

The asymmetrical grooves have different tire patterns on the outside and inside. This tire model can be used for dry or wet roads, so it is often referred to as an all seasons tire. The outside is useful for removing water, while the inside surface of the tire increases friction with the asphalt.

Directional groove tires with unidirectional grooves. This type of tire groove will form the letter "V" in the center of the tire surface. Directional treads can move water more efficiently. However, the direction of rotation is very limited, only forward and backward.

Semi slick only has a slight groove on the tire tread. Tires with this groove are more suitable for use on dry roads. The least grooves on the tire treads make the car go faster.

The rough tread is suitable for A/T and M/T tire types. These treads have a large block motif to improve grip on rocky roads.

Make sure you choose tires from a trusted shop

When you buy car tires from the marketplace, make sure the shop is really an authorized and trusted dealer, yes. This can reduce your risk of getting fake tires that are not of good quality. Now there are several authorized dealers in the marketplace that sell tires from well-known brands.

If you buy from an authorized dealer, you will get additional service. You don't have to bother installing the tires yourself because authorized dealers provide nitrogen, installation and balancing services. In addition, you can also choose the closest online store from home to reduce shipping costs.

best car tires 2

Top 10 recommended car tires

Next, we will recommend ten of the best car tire products that we determine based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. Our products are sorted by popularity in the marketplace.

1. GT Radial. Savero Komodo MT Plus LT 195/75 R15

Tough tires, inspired by the skin and nails of the Komodo dragon

This car tire tread pattern from GT Radial is inspired by the scales and claws of the Komodo dragon. You can choose Savero Komodo M/T Plus as a tire for extreme off road trips. Bad weather conditions will not be a hindrance.

Not only the tread, the design of the side of the tire is also taken into account. The design protects the tire from rocks and sharp objects. Tire life is also claimed to be more durable thanks to its cool design.

  • Car type: Light truck
  • Tire type: M/N
  • Tire groove: Rough
  • Velg ring: 15 inches

2. Michelin. Pilot Sport 4 215/55 R17

It looks stylish and stays comfortable while driving

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 has a tread pattern inspired by the motorsport tires of Formula E, FIA World Endurance Championship and FIA World Rally Championship. This tire is also the first premium sports tire with a velvet design on the sidewall.

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 also has a hybrid belt made of aramid and nylon. These materials increase steering response to the maximum. If you need tires that are not only reliable on the road, but also stylish, this product is the answer.

  • Car type: Passenger car
  • Tire type: H/N
  • Tire groove: Symmetrical
  • Velg ring: 17 inches

3. Dunlop. Grand Trek MT2 265/65 R17

Drive through muddy roads with maximum performance

If you have plans to explore nature with muddy areas. Dunlop Grandtrek MT2 you should rely on. This M/T radial tire has a maximum speed index in the Q range or 160 km/hour. Excellent grip on muddy ground. In addition, the ability of the tires to throw mud is also very good.

  • Car type: Passenger car
  • Tire type: M/N
  • Tire groove: Rough
  • Velg ring: 17 inches

4. Toyo Tires. Open Country A/T Plus 275/55 R20 111SWO

Asymmetrical rigid block design improves traction

Toyo Tires has various cool tire models, one of which is Open Country which includes all-terrain tires. Open Country has asymmetrical tire grooves with a rigid block design. The surface design of the tire can increase the traction of the tire.

You can choose Open Country tires for driving on paved roads as well as exploring the forest. There is no doubt about its durability. The low rolling resistance of this tire also makes it not easy to slip.

  • Car type: Passenger car
  • Tire type: A/N
  • Tire groove: Rough
  • Velg ring: 20 inches

5. Hankook. Dynapro HT 225/65 R17 102H

Take long trips without worn tires

Are you planning an intercity tour? You can choose the Dynapro HT from Hankook. Dynapro HT tires are designed to last a fairly long distance. So, touring between cities will not have problems with worn tires thanks to the Dynapro HT. Traction is also more stable with low rolling resistance. You can drive smoother and more smoothly.

  • Car type: Passenger car (SUV)
  • Tire type: H/N
  • Tire groove: Asymmetric
  • Velg ring: 17 inches

6. Good year. Assurance TripleMax 205/55 R16

Traveling in the rainy season is getting safer

The Goodyear Assurance TripleMax is a tire suitable for wet roads. Assurance TripleMax uses Hydrogrip technology which reduces braking distance to 2 meters on wet roads.

Assurance TripleMax uses a polymer sole for better polymer bonding. Thus, the grip becomes tighter. The side with a larger block makes braking more secure. You can choose these tires for driving during the rainy season.

  • Car type: Passenger car
  • Tire type: H/N
  • Tire groove: Asymmetric
  • Velg ring: 16 inches

7. Accelera. 651 Sport 195/50 R15 82V

Water film breaker design effectively breaks water perfectly

The 651 Sport tire series from Accelera is a semi-slick tire commonly used for racing. Directional grooves in the center with a water film breaker help break up water on the road. In the center of the tire there are also two main ribs for proper handling while driving.

We recommend this Accelera ring 15 tire for those of you who want to drive in muddy areas. Drifting and tracking become more comfortable with the 651 Sport Accelera tires. Wet roads will not be an obstacle to explore.

  • Car type: Passenger car
  • Tire type: A/N
  • Tire groove: Semi slick
  • Velg ring: 15 inches

8. Bridgeston. Ecopia EP150 185/70 R14

Tires that make vehicles more fuel efficient

The Ecopia EP150 is a tire that incorporates advanced technology from Bridgestone. Ecopia EP150 helps you to save fuel. If you don't want to compromise on fuel economy, the Ecopia EP150 is definitely worth a try. Even so, these tires still maintain the safety of the rider and are more durable.

  • Car type: Passenger car
  • Tire type: H/N
  • Tire groove: Symmetrical
  • Velg ring: 14 inches

9. Forceum. Henna 185/60 R15 84H

Go fast without worrying about slipping

Forceum Hena has an ergonomic tire tread design. Lateral grooves with a 45° angle and medium block help drain water quickly and reduce squeaking. Straight center rib makes tires more stable and flexible when you are driving fast. For those of you who prioritize speed while driving, you can consider this one tire.

  • Car type: Passenger car
  • Tire type: H/N
  • Tire groove: Board of Directors
  • Velg ring: 15 inches

10. GT Radial. Champiro Eco 185/65 R15 88H

Pass through dry and wet roads without squeaking

If you are looking for reliable tires on city streets in dry or wet conditions, this is the product. Champiro Eco from GT Radial. The grip is very steady on the road surface. The resulting sound is very quiet.

Champiro Eco is made with nanosilica technology. Its ability to withstand water pressure becomes more stable. As a result, the control and braking of the car becomes more stable. The effect of aquaplaning is also reduced.

  • Car type: Passenger car
  • Tire type: H/N
  • Tire groove: Symmetrical
  • Velg ring: 15 inches

Frequently asked questions about car tires

After reviewing how to choose and recommending products, we will answer popular questions about car tires. If you are still curious about car tires, see the answer below!

Why do car tires explode?

Apart from being hit by sharp objects or excessive loads, car tires can also explode when the air pressure is not up to standard. Tires that are more than 5 years old from the date of manufacture can also be the cause of car tires exploding.

When do car tires need to be replaced?

Change car tires when the tires are starting to look thin. You can see the tire thinness indicator from the depth of the tire grooves that are getting shorter.


You have to be really observant when choosing car tires. The goal is to keep you and your passengers safe during the trip. You can choose car tires according to the terrain you are traveling on.

Don't forget the budget you have so you can consider the price of car tires. Finally, make sure you buy from a trusted dealer or closest to home, yes. See you in another interesting article!

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